Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poem to Shaz from G on our 1st Wedding Anniversary

A gentle word like a spark of light,
Illuminates my soul
And as each sound goes deeper,
It's YOU that makes me whole

There is no corner, no dark place,
YOUR LOVE cannot fill
And if the world starts causing waves,
It's your devotion that makes them still

And yes you always speak to me,
In sweet honesty and truth
Your caring heart keeps out the rain,
YOUR LOVE, the ultimate roof

So thank you my Love for being there,
For supporting me, my life
I'll do the same for you, you know,
My Beautiful, Darling Wife.


  1. Lying here next to Courtney in our quiet peace of night... I spoke and broke the silence to read dear G's heart aloud. We both took pause and a simple moments reflection. Dear Sharon you have captured your soul's mate in this lifetime. A beacon of hope you both are to those who experience love through your eyes... your hearts... your soul's spirits. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful part of you. I love you dearly.

  2. aww. my heart melts with such happiness